The Bloody Mirror

I remember when I was about seven years old, my grandfather was yelling from inside the bathroom.  At first, I didn’t know if he was singing out loud or yelling for someone to help him.  My dad and grandmother also heard and immediately ran over to see what was going on.  When they opened the door, the yelling got louder and then it peaked my curiosity, so I ran over to see what all the fuss was about.  My grandfather was sitting on the toilet with the seat cover down and in his robe.  The tub had blood and broken glass shattered about and there was a trail of blood from the tub to the toilet where a puddle of blood was getting bigger and bigger.  My grandmother was frantic and screaming at him to tell her what happened, but my grandfather was moaning and groaning in agony and couldn’t speak.  My dad had to try and calm her down because she wasn’t helping the situation.  I know she was just scared and didn’t know why there was blood every where, like something from a crime scene.  As my dad is trying to pin point where all the blood is coming from, he notices that it’s only around my grandfather’s foot, no where else on his body.  Dad tries to lift grandfather’s foot to see and then grandfather started screaming, “No!!  No!!  Look!!  My toe, my toe!!”,  His big toe was literally dangling, it was almost completely chopped off but for a small piece of skin holding on to it for dear life.  Dad and grandmother grabbed some clean cloths and proceeded to wrap his toe to help stop the bleeding.  I was just standing there, not in shock or horror or even scared for that matter, I just watched.  I think it was probably the first time I had ever seen a mass amount of blood like that in real life.  Dad yelled for mom to call 911 and mom came to see what was going on and when she seen all the blood, she immediately called 911.  Once dad got grandfather to calm down a bit, he was able to explain what happened.  So, there was this small square shaped mirror that was placed on the wall of the shower, it was hung with some kind of sticky water proof tape.  Dad and grandfather used it to shave in the shower.  Well, grandfather said he was in the shower shaving and all of a sudden the mirror just dropped, straight down.  This mirror didn’t have a frame around it or anything, it was just a square cut piece of mirror.  The edges would be very dangerous in any scenario.  Well, with the speed of the mirror dropping just straight down, it went right through his big toe.  Ambulance arrived and took grandfather to the ER where they stitched him up and sent him on his way.  All I could think about was, “Who the heck is going to clean up all that blood”?  What was wrong with me, I had no emotions whatsoever.  I didn’t feel any type of way.  Was I some kind of heartless monster?  Why didn’t I feel anything?  I’m only seven, shouldn’t I have at least been scared, terrified, traumatized?  Something?  As I look back and think about it, I still don’t feel anything.  I never really knew what emotions were, I didn’t know love, care, sympathy, or compassion.  Mom wasn’t the lovey dovey type person, at least not towards me, not that I remember at least.  I honestly don’t even remember hearing her tell me, “I love you”, and I don’t remember ever saying it to her.  When grandfather got home, I was anxious to see what his toe looked like and as he was unwrapping his toe to show me, I remember, the suspense was through the roof.  He couldn’t take that bandage off fast enough.  Once it was off and his toe was exposed, I remember looking at it and thinking, “Awesome”!  It looked so cool all stitched up.  I think he was expecting a totally different reaction.  He kind of looked up at my dad and mom and I think he was probably thinking that there is something extremely not right about this child.  He was right.  I watched the exorcist movie at a very young age like a hundred times.  That was like the scariest movie at that time and I wasn’t afraid.  I didn’t have nightmares or anything like that.  It was just fascinating to me.  I’m still that way to this very day.  The hubby doesn’t like to watch scary movies, but on occasion he will.  It usually has to be during the day though, otherwise, he won’t watch them.  Haha.  Am I crazy?  What the hell is wrong with me?!


The mirror was exactly like the square one on this

picture.  No frame, the edges weren’t even smoothed

out or rounded.  Just a straight edge cut.  Can you

imagine this hanging on your shower wall?  Yeah!!

By the way, grandmother was the one who cleaned

up the bloody mess.



  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic

    Wow, I can see how that would be traumatizing at that young age!

    Liked by 1 person

    • One would think so, right? I wonder why it didn’t traumatize me. Hmm.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Just Plain Ol' Vic

        Cause you are a badass like that?!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hahahaha. I like that reason better than any of the ones I’ve come up with so far. Thank you very much.

        Liked by 1 person

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