Strange Voices

I wonder if I am the only one who has an issue with this, or if any of you can relate. Most likely, I’m the only one. So, I have this problem with hearing my own voice. Like, when I talk, it doesn’t really bother me, but if I hear it in a recording or like on a video, oh man, I hate the way my voice sounds. We were watching some family videos the other day and if anybody knows me, they know I hate to be photographed or video taped. I’m the one who always takes the pictures or video tapes the events. Anyway, as we’re watching, I heard a voice I didn’t recognize and said out loud, “Who the heck is that dude that’s talking in the background”? Oh shoot! That’s me. (I’m a girl) Everybody started laughing. *Face as red as a tomato* Oh my gosh, my voice sounds so deep and manly, I wanted to stop the video at that point. Well, as we went through the videos, I started hearing a voice as if, you know when you pinch your nose it makes your voice sound funny, well, that’s what I was hearing. Who the heck is that now?! What? That’s me? Again? You’ve got to be kidding. What is wrong with my voice. Maybe it’s just the way the device recorded it. I don’t really sound like that, do I?? Okay, now I’m uncomfortable, I don’t even want to talk now. It has to be the device, right?! Then, how come everybody else sounds “normal”? Do I (A) keep playing the videos or (B) pretend that the computer froze up? I’m liking option B. I start fiddling with it, acting like it’s not working and then here comes hubby to the rescue. Damn him! I don’t want to hear anymore of my many weird voices. Then, what the hell was that?! Oh crap!! I thought my voice was bad! Well, turns out, my laugh, on video is even worse. What a horrible sound. I sound like a seal drowning, trying to yell for help each time it got its head above water. Yeah, not sure if that’s really ever happened, but just imagine it and that’s what I sounded like. It was terrible. Now I’m afraid to talk and damn sure never want to laugh again as long as I live, even though I don’t do a lot of laughing as it is. But, still. While everyone else is laughing and enjoying the videos, I’m sitting there smiling with my lips pressed tightly together so my teeth won’t show because I’m scared a laugh or giggle might make it out of my mouth if there is even the slightest opening. Okay, we’ve been watching videos for a minute now, I think that’s enough for one day. We’ll save the rest for another time. Everybody agreed, thank goodness. Now I have to go through all the videos and edit the ones where I sound like a donkey in heat, a dying, drowning seal, a dude with an extremely manly voice and who knows what else my voice can be compared to. I think I’m just going to text everyone from now on or just nod my head yes or no, shrug my shoulders or break out the old pen and paper. Haha. Oh, sorry for that laugh, hope I didn’t hurt your ears. Maybe it is just me, I’ve been a weirdo my entire existence. Let me know I’m not alone. Someone please tell me you know what I’m talking about.



  1. I hate hearing myself on videos, and I actually run away when someone listens to a recording of me.

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  2. Haha. I’m sure your voice is awesome, but thank you for sharing. At least I know now that I am not the only one. 😊


  3. You are definitely not the only one. I don’t like hearing my voice recorded either. But I have been told many times that I have a nice voice. What?? I must have alien ears or something!

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  4. Hehe. I bet you do have a nice voice. Especially if people have told you many times. I don’t recall anybody telling me I have a nice voice. Which I clearly heard why they wouldn’t. Hell!! Just hearing my own voice makes me want to take a vow of silence. Haha.

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  5. I don’t think you’re the only one that hates hearing the sound of their own voice – count me in! I also have a relatively low, deep voice when I’m talking naturally.

    But you know, hearing recordings, I notice the audio that is caught on tape is a little lower than a person’s actual speaking voice. One of my friends commented that she sounded like a man, but I can reassure you she really doesn’t.

    So do I look fat in this picture? Nope. It’s the camera. Hahaha.

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  6. Hahaha. Thats what I keep trying to tell myself. Its the way the device records. It’s not you, it’s the recording. I guess I’m just not convincing enough. I swear, I sound like Fran Drescher. If you don’t who that is, look on youtube. Talk about the most annoying voice. Yeah, that’s me times two. Haha.


    • Hahaha. I actually like Fran Drescher… and she does not sound like a man at all! Maybe she’s just a funny woman, but her voice is definitely unforgettable to say the least.

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      • You’re right, she does not sound like a man and it is definitely unforgettable, but her voice is really annoying in that show, “The Nanny”, I think it was. That’s what I was comparing my voice to. Hahaha.


  7. OH MY GOSH I have the same problem! But I don’t sound deep or change a lot, it’s just always a really high pitch, squeaky five year old girl voice DX And I’m positive you don’t sound bad, everybody thinks they sound bad in recordings!

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  8. Haha, you would have to hear me and then you’d be like, “Oh”. It is pretty bad. I think some high pitch, squeaky five year old girl voices are cute. Lol. But, seriously, as a female, my voice shouldn’t sound as manly as my hubby’s. I think I would have handled a high pitch, squeaky voice a lot better.


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