The Sweetest Mean Girl

Another job I had was working at a woman’s clothing store. It was a small store and not a name brand kind of store either. It was my first day on the job and I was to report to a gal named Annabel. I get there and ask for Annabel and she comes to the front counter to greet me. She smiling real big and seems really sweet. I shake her hand and she walks me through the store and the little storage area where the merchandise is received and stored for later stocking. Anyway, I’m one of those people who has to be moving all the time. Working constantly no matter what it is. I was looking forward to just dive right in. After the tour (which lasted all of five minutes, literally), I followed her back to the front counter. I asked her what my first task as a new employee would be. Of course I expected to do all the crud jobs the other girls didn’t want to do and yup, she had me vacuum the store. I didn’t mind, it was a small area anyway. Next! Then she had me fold some clothes. Piece of cake! Hang up some blouses. Easy! Bring a few boxes from the back to stock the shelves. Yawn! It wasn’t rocket surgery or anything like that but I think she got a little upset that I was flying through my tasks. She called me to the counter and said it was break time. I didn’t have anything to do can’t I just keep working? No! It’s against the law, blah, blah, blah. Ok, so I just kind of stood there because there wasn’t a break area, just the storage room. Annabel started asking me questions and we were talking as I was counting the minutes to get back to work. I started asking her questions about the job and just trying to learn, you know. She said that we would get to that later but to relax because I had already done a lot in such a short period of time. We got to talking a little bit more and she was just talking about her personal life and who she’s with and how many pets she has and what she did last night and who she wants to do next week and even busted out her pictures. And this is so and so and this is my boyfriend and this is my best friend and this….. I’m like oh my word this gal has got the gift of gab. I couldn’t help but look up at the clock every now and then, I was starting to feel anxious, like I needed to be doing something. I grabbed the window cleaner under the counter along with some paper towels and started cleaning the counter top. She tells me to put it down, that it’s okay. Relax. We had like one customer the entire time and all this gal did was talk and talk. I’m thinking, “Wow!, these girls get paid to do nothing”. I grabbed the broom and started to remove some of the cobwebs I noticed. She laughs and tells me to stop, that she’ll have someone else clean them up. I was starting to worry. I didn’t know what the heck was going on. Is this normal for her to act this way with new employees? Just stand around and look at pictures and talk about your personal life all day? What was she really doing? My shift is coming to an end, it was only a four hour shift. I felt uncomfortable leaving like that because I didn’t feel like I earned the money for that time. Anyway, I go to work the next day and I’m looking forward to actually learning and working. I go to clock in and Annabel calls me to the counter. She places a slip in front of me and says she is sorry but she had to write me up because I didn’t complete the tasks I was given. WHAT!!! This is a joke right??!! She tells me to go ahead and read it and then sign it but I’m suspended for the day so not to worry about clocking in. I looked at her with the meanest, dirtiest, if looks could kill you would be dead, look and she just put her head down. I told her that everything she asked me to do, I had done. Then this &@$% tells me that I wasted too much time talking. Lord, help me from wrapping this girls hair around my hand and prevent me from slamming her face on the counter top that I had just cleaned the day before. Take a deep breath. I grabbed the slip from her bony fingers, ripped it in half and threw it in her face. I walked out and as I get to the parking lot, one of the other gals was just arriving. She asked me if I was already off and I told her what had happened. Then she tells me that Annabel does this to all the girls she thinks is a threat to her. She thought she was the queen or something. I asked why Annabel hadn’t got this gal fired and she said, “Because, we’re sisters”. I bet if they weren’t sisters, she would have been gone long ago. I could have made a big deal about it and went to the owner, but honestly, there wasn’t anything that little store had to offer. I didn’t see it as a great source of income or a job I could retire from. It wasn’t worth it. The gal apologized for her sister and gave me hug and said she wished I’d go back, but, no thank you. I don’t like girl’s like that and definitely will not put up with them. That’s why I always had guy friends. Don’t get me wrong though, guys can be just as catty and chatty as girls but in a masculine way. If that makes any sense. Hahaha. A couple of days later, I get a phone call from the owner, I guess the sister had told the owner what happened and she was like, “That’s why we go through so many girls”, and they fired Annabel and asked me to come back. I just couldn’t do it. It was already tainted. I thanked her but told her I had already got another job. So, they made Annabel’s sister a supervisor. I was so happy for her but I never looked back.


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