I wanted to touch up on the story I posted regarding pitbulls attacking defenseless chihuahua mixes and get your thoughts on pitbulls in general. People seem to think that the way the owner treats them has a lot to do with their actions. While, I partially believe that, because their are some people who raise them to be vicious, or for fighting, I also disagree to a certain degree and here is why; I used to own a brindle stafford shire Pitbull. He was like my child, I had him since the day he was born. I gave this dog so much love, affection, attention, etc… I spent a lot of time training him and he was the best dog I ever had. He was a good boy, he always obeyed me and he was raised with my son and was always around kids and he never hurt anybody. Well, one day I get a call while I’m at work, it’s my dad, he tells me that my dog got out of the yard and was terrorizing our neighbors. I thought, “Yeah, right, he wouldn’t do that”. I leave work and as soon as I drive up I see him in the neighbors garage, it looked like he was holding my neighbors hostage or something. I let out a whistle, and he came right away. I was doing a lot of apologizing. I’m not one who believes in chaining or tying your animals but I had to chain him until I got out of work. An hour later I get a call again, my dad sounds out of breath and says the dog busted the chain and got out again and went after the dogs in the neighborhood. Here I go again, leaving work and now I’m scared he might actually do some real damage. I get him home and look around to see how he keeps getting out. I fixed it (or so I thought), then I hear yelping and high pitch screams. I run out to the front and he’s attacking a dog. I couldn’t believe it. What got into him? Why was he acting this way? I gave him the benefit of the doubt and then there was another incident. This time, he bit one of my cousins in the face. Yes, my cousin was drunk and kind of provoked him but still. I never thought my dog would do something like that. My cousin was bleeding like crazy, the bridge of his nose was split open and he had puncture wounds in his cheek. Oh man, it was bad. My cousin brushed it off but only because he was drunk. Then, the last straw was when my son’s friend came over to show off her little shitzu. He was so cute, just running around the house, my dog locked his eyes on him and was practically breaking the sliding door to get in and then all of a sudden in some freakish way, he got through the glass and attacked the little girl’s dog right in front of her very eyes. She was screaming and crying, oh my gosh, my heart sank. I grabbed my dog in a headlock and when he released the little pup, I chained him up and went to check on the pup. Luckily he was so fluffy my dog had nothing but fur in his mouth so there were no injuries. Poor girl, she was shaken up pretty bad. I walked her home and explained what happened to her parents and again, I was apologizing. I could no longer take the risk. I had to make a decision. I realized that, at the end of the day, he is an animal regardless of how much love and attention I give him, he will always act on basic animal instinct. I decided to surrender him to the SPCA. It was heart breaking and devastating. I told my son that he was going to a new family that lived in the country so he would have lots of room to run around. I hated to lie to my son but I couldn’t bring myself to tell him the truth. When we got there we said our goodbyes and my son hugged him so tight and just cried and sobbed, it tore me to pieces. As they took my dog away, my son hands one of the lady’s a paper and asks her if she could read it to our dog when we leave. I had no idea what he had done. We got in the car and I was about to leave when the lady came out waving her hands at me. I get out of the car and she is in tears, I’m confused at this point. Well, she tells me that she read the letter my son wrote and was so touched by it that she read it to the staff and everyone was pretty choked up about it. Basically my son just wrote that he will miss him very much and will never forget him. He said that his new family will take care if him so don’t be afraid and when we can we will visit with him but for him to be brave because he will always love his best friend. OMG!!! This kid was only seven at the time. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. So, my question is, where do you stand on pitbulls? Sorry if my story was too long, I just wanted to make sure I told it the way it happened.



  1. butchcountry67

    I am more of a Rottweiler person (we have 1 named Memphis) but my sister is a Pit lover and has 2 of them, Diesel and Triton, both are good dogs, easily excitable and a bit too hyper for my liking, Personally I would never own a Pit, not because I fear them (which I don’t) and not because I think they’re bad dogs (they are not), but simply because I prefer Rotties , You can find a lot of bad in any breed, even poodles, in fact poodles and some other small dogs like chihuahuas are more likely to attack and or bite you than a Pit or Rottie, like I said there is good and bad in every dog and in every breed, sadly Pits and Rots ,Dobermans and Shepherds are the 4 big breeds with bad reputations, reputations they don’t deserve but are given to them via peoples fears , lack of knowledge and the owners poor handling of the animals, (re dog fighters, and ass holes who raise their dogs to be mean) Pits are not an everyday persons dog, nor are Rotties, they require more space and training than the average city yard can provide, do I think all Pits have the potential to turn mean? I would answer yes BUT so does any breed, don’t condemn the entire breed based on the actions of 1 dog, like humans all dogs have unique and different personalities and traits.

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    • I couldn’t agree more. I’ve had chihuahuas nipping at my ankles more than anything. They can be quite vicious and can really hurt a small child. Unfortunately, as much as I loved my pit, I wasn’t in a position to keep him with his behavior growing more erratic each day. I had to give him up for safety reasons.

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